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Model # STM-3131, Three Color Edge Stripe Marking System with Automatic Edge Tracking

This system places continuous or dashed stripes on a web to indicate web orientation or product type.

Product alignment or product type identification is critical to many customers, especially when similar material types or grades make visual identification difficult or impossible. A RYECO Stripe Marking System creates continuous or dashed marks for the entire length of a product to indicate product type or a unique characteristic of the material. Marks can represent a specific material grade used in a multi-ply product, filter media orientation, or indicate the coated or uncoated surface of a material. Various marking colors available in the RYECO system can also be used to uniquely identify multiple products on the same manufacturing line.

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Technical Description

The Stripe Marking System operates by making a continuous or dashed mark either continuously or periodically during the production process. The system uses a digital input to initiate marking and is designed to operate continuously for extended periods of time. Marking can be along the edge of the web or at any other point in the machine direction, with any number of markers.

The standard system sprays stripe marks in one color. Multiple products can be uniquely identified using a 3-color system. Marks can be atomized (~4-50 mm wide) or un-atomized (~2-3 mm) depending on customer requirements. Marks are used to indicate to downstream operations information such as product orientation (front vs. back) or product type like a center ply of a three ply web. The marks can also inform the end user of critical information such as direction of flow through an air filter or direction of grain in a tiled flooring product.

Improve Quality by…
  • Providing clear indications of product orientation to downstream processes and end users.
  • Not processing a web in the wrong orientation or position in a multilayer product.
Increase Efficiency by…
  • Marking automatically and continuously instead of making marks by hand.
  • Reducing time spent determining correct roll orientation while processing.
Create a safer work Environment by…
  • Eliminating the dangerous practice of hand-marking the roll.
  • Reducing the reloading of incorrectly oriented rolls on a converting line.

  • Sprays marks in 3-colors or can spray invisible dye to be seen under special lighting.
  • Customers can easily switch between continuous or dashed marking modes and set the length and spacing of dashed marks.
  • Markers can be mounted on the edge or in lanes across the moving web.
  • Maintenance aided with cleaning and flushing capabilities.
  • Non-contacting marking method doesn’t use rollers or pens.

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