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Model # ERM-2511, One Color Edge and Lane End of Roll Marking System

This system places a mark on a roll to indicate that the end of the roll is approaching downstream operators and users.

When making small rolls from a larger roll it is critical to know if there is enough material left on the roll to make a complete set. Running out of product on a cash register, credit card machine or similar consumer product can cause a major problem. Conversely, you don’t want to throw away a roll because you're not sure how much material remains. A RYECO End of Roll Marking System creates a mark at or near the end of the roll giving operators and users sufficient warning to replace it with a new roll prior to running out.

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Technical Description

The End of Roll Marking System creates a spray mark on a moving web at or near the end of each converted roll. This is typically performed on converting equipment for products such as register tape where the mark indicates to the end user that they are about to reach the end of the roll. Another common use is to mark a master roll a certain distance from the end to indicate that there is not enough material left to produce a complete set. If exact position from the end of the roll is needed see RYECO’s Length and Position Control System.

As product is converted, the system makes a mark at a set distance as each new set of rolls begin winding. Distance is determined by an encoder signal, provided either by the customer or RYECO, and the customer has the ability to select the desired length of the mark on the system's HMI. Because many end of roll marking applications involve slitting, an End of Roll Marking System can have multiple markers, each located at a slitting position. A RYECO Mark Detection System can be used to automatically detect the mark and alert operators of end of roll approaching.

Improve Quality by…
  • Eliminating short rolls of product during converting.
  • Producing a more aesthetically uniform mark than contact marking.
Increase Efficiency by…
  • Visually warning converters when they are near the end of an input roll.
  • Not starting a new daughter roll with insufficient product on the input roll.
Create a safer work Environment by…
  • Eliminating the dangerous practice of hand-marking the roll.
  • Reducing injuries caused by clearing jams in equipment.

  • Sprays marks in any color including invisible marks that are detected under special lighting.
  • Marks can be dashed or continuous.
  • Customers can select desired length of the mark with the RYECO system.
  • Encoder signal is used for determining mark lengths and aids the marking process over a wide range of speeds.
  • Maintenance aided with cleaning and flushing capabilities.

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