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Sheet Break Detection Systems

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Extended Range Break Detection

This system detects an open draw break in any web process using a laser for extended sensing distance.

Reliable sheet break detection systems are vital to any paper machine operation. Sensors must be fast and able to detect every break without producing costly false alarms. Often it is not practical to mount a sensor close to the web. RYECO offers the Model EXT-9003 Extended Range Break Detection System that offers up to 60 inches of detecting distance using a red laser.


Sheet-on-Felt Break Detection

This system detects a sheet break in uni-run or other sheet-on-fabric processes.

Manufacturing certain papers and various other products require the sheet be supported with a fabric. When a break occurs in a section where the sheet is supported, it is impossible to detect the break with standard open draw sheet break detectors. RYECO has developed the Model 9006 Sheet-on-Fabric Break Detection System that is capable of detecting a break within a sheet based on virtually any background or color combination.


Ply Break Detection

This system detects ply breaks in a multi-ply tissue web.

During the conversion process of a tissue web, it may be necessary to laminate one or more plies together to achieve a final product. When a break or fold-over occurs on a single ply of a multi-ply web, excessive waste will result during downstream processes. RYECO’s Model PBD-9007 Ply Break Detection System identifies a break or a fold-over in any ply of a multi-ply tissue web to improve operating efficiencies.