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Sensing and Control Systems

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Mark Detection

This system will detect the presence of marks placed on a web by a Marking System.

Marks placed on the web in an upstream process usually indicate a warning to a downstream operator. Unless the operator is watching the web constantly, they can miss the mark, causing unnecessary downtime. With a RYECO Mark Detection System the marks can be detected automatically; can signal alarms to alert operators of any problems; and can also activate automatic shutdown procedures. A Mark Detection System helps to close-the-loop on your defect detection and removal program.



This system detects and decodes values of code marks placed on a moving web by a RYECO Code Marking System.

Code Marks placed on the web in an upstream process usually indicate a value for transfer of information to a downstream process. Most commonly these codes represent linear length within a roll, but may also contain other information such as defect locations in the cross-web position, lot numbers, or other alpha-numerical values. Decoding is typically performed on secondary processes like rewinding or converting/slitting.


Distortion Monitoring

This system is used to track instantaneous stretch and shrinkage in a flexible web.

For webs that stretch or shrink during processing, it is difficult to know in real time the amount of distortion in the web. Roll size, position in the roll, environmental conditions and tension all affect how much the web can shrink or stretch during processing. Each stage of converting can impart additional distortion in a flexible web. The RYECO Distortion Monitoring System makes it possible to know in real time how much a web stretches or shrinks during processing.


Length and Position Control

This system is used to track absolute length and position in a roll regardless of web stretch, shrinkage or slippage.

For most continuous web manufacturers, determining the accurate length for each step of the process can be a real challenge. When a roll of raw material is converted into finished goods, it is critical to know how much product there is in each roll that is shipped. It is also important to know at all times how much product is left on the unwinding roll to ensure complete sets of finished rolls. Encoder issues, and stretch and shrinkage in the substrate can cause substantial inaccuracies in roll length. RYECO offers the Length and Position Control System that uses evenly spaced code marks on a web that ...


Edge Crack Detection

This system detects separated and un-separated cracks along the edge of a moving web.

Cracks along the edges of a moving web can cause lengthy downtime on subsequent processes such as a coater, re-winder or re-reeler in a paper mill. An edge crack or fold-over can hang-up on a slitter knife causing a blow-up which results in time consuming, costly clean-ups. When the location of every edge crack in a jumbo roll of paper is known then corrective actions can be taken by downstream operators to prevent the blow-up. Knowing when cracks are occurring on the paper machine can also provide Machine Tenders with valuable information that will help them eliminate the source of the cracks. A RYECO Edge Crack Detection System ...


Edge Tracking

This system is used to maintain the position of a piece of equipment relative to the edge of a moving web.

As the web moves back and forth during the manufacturing process, or as a web’s width changes during processing, it becomes necessary to maintain the position of a sensor or marker relative to the edge of the moving web. The RYECO Edge Tracking System will follow the edge and maintain the position of any device mounted on it.